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Xerox Supplies Deliver Quality, Reliability and Performance

Using Xerox Genuine toner and ink in your Xerox printer will ensure that prints are delivered with consistent quality. Testing conducted by independent printer evaluation laboratories proved Xerox Genuine Supplies are more reliable and deliver up to 27% higher page yields than aftermarket alternatives.

Don't be fooled by inferior bargain brands.
Always buy Xerox Genuine Supplies

Stay Risk-Free with Xerox Genuine Supplies (PDF)

Xerox Solid Ink Technology

It's time to rethink your ink

Solid Ink is an innovative, award-winning color printing technology available only from Xerox. It was invented in 1986 in the Tek Labs and first brought to market in 1991.
Xerox Solid Ink is easy to use and produces stunning color print quality. It also:

  • Generates up to 90% less printing waste than comparable color laser printers.
  • Enables an incredibly low total cost of ownership.

Running Cost Advantage
Cartridge-free Solid Ink lowers running costs by drastically reducing the number of items customers must replace. That's why we're able to offer color page prices for less. 
"The (Solid Ink) writing system is much less complicated compared to Xerography with fewer moving components and fewer replaceable supplies, which translates to the potential for lower overall operating costs." – InfoTrends
If you print lots of color pages, Xerox solid ink printers and multifunction printers can help you realize a significant savings on 70% of the color pages you print every day. You get exceptional value, with a total cost of ownership that's hard to beat. 

Other manufacturers don't know how to compete with Solid Ink and may spread misinformation about it.
This is the truth about Solid Ink.

The difference
Solid Ink's true advantages are in its differences from laser and inkjet technologies. Here's where Solid Ink is strong: More consistent print quality page after page and on any media, including recycled paper.

  • Easier to use with no cartridges to load and unload, and no mess.
  • Less waste with no cartridges to dispose of, and far less packaging.
  • Low run cost compared with color laser printing technology.
  • No paper curling or wrinkling that often plagues inkjet and color laser printers.
  • Faster than inkjet technology.
  • No special paper needed, unlike some inkjet printers.
  • Prints a wider range of colors than most color laser devices.
  • Fewer parts so less can go wrong.

Genuine Xerox Supplies and Xerox Equipment: Made for Each Other (PDF)

Xerox Solid Ink: Enviromentally Friendly Printing (Video)

Xerox Cartridges for HP and Brother Printers

Made in the USA
By manufacturing Xerox replacement cartridges for HP and Brother laser printers in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA, we meet customers’ needs for high-quality, remanufactured cartridges while also supporting U.S. jobs. Our replacement cartridges are ideal for federal government customers who require made-in-the-USA products. 

Our sustainable manufacturing processes enable:

  • Cartridges that either match or exceed HP and Brother original page yields.
  • Environmental sustainability through strict adherence to ISO standards. Reuse of approximately 90% of piece parts reduces disposal to landfills.
  • Savings up to 35% over HP and Brother, with the quality, reliability and overall value you would expect with Xerox.

Check the cataloque of Xerox Laser Cartridges for Non-Xerox Printers (PDF)

It's not compatible laser toner! It's Xerox Branded OEMs for HP & Brother Printers - watch the video

Frequently Asked Questions About Xerox Cartridges for HP & Brother
If you have specific questions about Xerox replacement cartridges for HP and Brother laser printers, please check the list of FAQs below.

Q: Are Xerox® laser cartridges for HP and Brother made with the same high quality standards that we have come to expect? 
A: Xerox® laser cartridges for HP and Brother are developed in state-of-the-art R&D labs and benchmarked against all OEM print characteristics at environmental extremes while using the same ISO methodologies as the OEM. These cartridges are manufactured under the strictest quality control protocols and backed by a lifetime warranty, which will even cover printer repair should the cartridge cause damage.

Q: How do Xerox® cartridges affect the environment due to quality issues and re-printing, which uses more energy?
A: The Xerox® laser cartridges for non-Xerox® printers manufacturing process is ISO 14001 certified, requiring documentation to certify how we mitigate our carbon footprint through manufacturing activities. Manufacturing offers core reclamation programs and uses bin/pallet programs that allow for reduction in the carbon footprint for core recovery.

Q: Do remanufactured cartridges really save you money because of print quality issues, inefficiencies, reprinting and down time found during studies conducted by Quality Logic? 
A: Xerox® laser cartridges for non-Xerox® printers have a documented 99.2% success rate and our manufacturer has been awarded the best quality supplier for seven consecutive years by the well-respected trade publication, Recharger Magazine. Xerox® cartridges are tested and approved using OEM-type testing and technology.

Q: Are remanufactured cartridges as reliable as OEM cartridges? I’ve heard refilled cartridges start with a used core, that is often split and clipped back together, which could cause quality and alignment issues.
A: The Xerox manufacturing practice employs two patented processes that allow for cartridge separation without damaging the structural integrity of the cartridge. This patented ultrasonic welding allow us to re-mate the two halves without clips and clamps, and uses custom formulations of toner and other materials from the most technologically advanced suppliers who often supply the OEMs with their own materials. Xerox® cartridge materials are subject to stringent test criteria before and after production. 

The Xerox® manufacturing process uses the same ISO testing that the OEMs use to ensure our cartridges provide the best alternative to higher-priced originals. Test protocols ensure cartridges print with OEM comparable yield and densities. Our goal is to manufacture a cartridge that provides the same print quality from page one until the end of the cartridge life. Extensive life testing and accelerated aging test protocols are performed to measure quality at different intervals. This prevents degradation of print throughout the life of the cartridge. We are so confident in the quality that we guarantee Xerox® cartridges for a market-leading lifetime of the cartridge, while others only offer a 1-year warranty.