Unleashing Workplace Efficiency and Productivity

“With the Xerox Managed Print Services solution in place our costs are lower, downtime is at a minimum and support has improved by a lot. We don’t waste time on things we shouldn’t.”
– Demetris Manolopoulos, Operations Manager
Dimco Ltd

Dimco Ltd, the leader in lighting equipment for both B2C and B2B markets in Cyprus, is a fast-growing company. To support its growing needs, the company was looking for an outsourcing partner able to automate manual document-related processes, increase efficiency of the print environment operation and maintenance, introduce good cost control measures, help bring more uniformity between branches and improve user experience.


After the assessment conducted by Xerographic Systems Ltd, Xerox® Managed Printer Services partner in Cyprus, using Xerox® Asset DB, Dimco signed a contract for Xerox® Managed Print Services (MPS) and started the deployment of the proposed strategy at its headquarters in Nicosia. Dimco’s equipment fleet was revised and new Xerox printing devices were introduced to replace the older ones from the other vendors. Now the company fleet consists of Xerox® WorkCenter® 7225 and WorkCenter®6605 Multifunction Printers, a Xerox®B1025 Multifunction Printer enabled with the award-winning Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology, and Xerox® Phaser® 3330 and Phaser® 3260 monochrome printers. Xerox® Device Agent was installed to monitor all of Dimco’s devices, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of the machines with minimal downtime. Monitoring of the printing fleet is now handled by the Xerox® Global Contact Center in Lisbon to ensure quick response and resolution of any printing-related issues.

Xerox® MPS solution is a scalable one and Dimco is sure that Xerographic Systems Ltd will be able to support their growing needs with their ability to deliver great after-sale service and complete portfolio of products and MPS tools from Xerox. “Dimco Ltd employees stopped spending time on things they shouldn’t. Our internal manual processes have been eliminated”– says Dimco’s operations manager. He also adds: We have already seen cost-savings, improved end-customer service, efficiency, reliability, scalability of service. We know that as new needs arise, they will be met.”

DIMCO LTD was founded on June 7, 1966 in Cyprus, in the form of a limited private company, initially specializing in selling electrical equipment and house wiring gear. The company entered the lighting industry in 1976, which remains its core field to this day. Today, DIMCO runs 9 stores in Cyprus and imports lighting products from more than 30 European factories.

Xerox Corporation is a technology leader that innovates the way the world communicates, connects and works. We understand what’s at the heart of sharing information – and all of the forms it can take. We embrace the integration of paper and digital, the increasing requirement for mobility, and the need for seamless integration between work and personal worlds. Every day, our innovative print technologies and intelligent work solutions help people communicate and work better.

Xerographic Systems Ltd was founded in 1987 and its main operations are document technology products, services and software – from home user to commercial printing. Since 1991, Xerographic Systems has been a partner of Xerox and today are the only Xerox® Managed Print Services partner in Cyprus.